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Our mission is to transform training & simplify the complex landscape of international standards and ever-evolving regulations.


Our History

In 2019, Comply Guru was launched as an Accredited Training Provider specializing in new innovative learning methodologies to offer globally recognized qualifications that are available in an online, face-to-face or blended format.

At the time, and still very much the case today, it is difficult to get the training you need, when you need it. Our Founder, Eoin P. Kelly, identified a major gap in the market for learning solutions that were more dynamic, flexible, and convenient for the modern workforce that juggles busy professional and/or personal lives. We are proud to say that our training has been delivered globally and is trusted by both Leading Organizations in Industry & Notified Bodies.

What Differentiates Comply Guru

What Differentiates Comply Guru

Comply Guru has the distinction of being the first learning provider in the world to achieve multi-accreditations for our learning methodologies in the industries we serve.

Innovation Leaders Comply Guru are the first of our kind. We have set a precedent for innovation by becoming the first organization to specialize in both online and blended learning solutions. Our pioneering approach has enabled us to develop exceptionally effective methodologies that provide more accessible and flexible avenues for obtaining premium certifications.
Accreditation Advocates Since our launch, Comply Guru has been a strong advocate for accredited training that provides worldwide recognition for our learners. We take great pride in being the first organization to attain several groundbreaking accreditations in online and blended learning for Medical Device QA/RA, ISO Standards and Internal & Lead Auditor Courses.
Proven Expertise At the heart of our organization lies our exceptional team of experts. We strive to recruit the most accomplished and proficient individuals in their respective fields. Our experts possess a wealth of industry experience acquired over years of practical application, and in addition, they demonstrate a combination of unwavering passion and a proven aptitude for training.
Scalable Learning We have the capacity to serve individuals up to large organizations with global teams with ease. Our online solutions are available as and when you need them. More than just online learning, we utilize industry-leading methodologies that can be deployed on a global scale.
Bespoke Solutions We can customize any of our training courses around your specific needs. We can deliver training globally that is either online, at a venue of your choice, blended, or available within your own Learning Management System. Our experienced team has an average of 20 years experience supporting training needs for customers all over the world.
Dedicated Customer Care 98% of our customers would recommend us. We recognize the importance of being customer focused beyond just providing the learning solution. It is about the total experience from the start to the end of the engagement. We care and do our best to continually improve the level of support we offer our wonderful customers.

I founded Comply Guru as I saw a major gap for training that is more accessible, flexible, and scalable. From the outset, we have been committed to offering innovative learning solutions that are highly effective. Whether it is an online, face to face, or blended format, we have it covered.

Our team of industry experts, experienced Instructors, graphic and instructional designers combined are helping transform training and deliver learning solutions that are trusted & recognized globally.

Eoin Philip Kelly | Founder & CEO

What We Do At Comply Guru
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The Team

We are proud to have an amazing team who are helping forge a new future in Compliance Training!

Founder & CEO Eoin Philip Kelly
eLearning Director Leon Donnellan
QA/RA Director Michelle Keane
Blended Learning Director John Collins
Learning Success Executive Jim Fitzgerald
Lead Auditor & Instructor Tess Egan
Lead Auditor & Instructor Kristian Hill
MedTech QA/RA Expert Dr. Anita Joshi

Our Accreditations

We are proud to hold multiple accreditations as a training provider and offer individual course certifications for a range of our courses, giving learners the confidence that our training programs will be recognized globally. Comply Guru became the first training provider in the world to gain accreditation for our eLearning & Blended Learning courses for the Medical Device Industry.

CQI & IRCA Accredited Training Provider

CQI & IRCA Accredited Training Provider

Offering certified courses since 2019

Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider

Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider

Offering certified courses since 2020