FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR 28th Nov, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

Improving Internal Audit Effectiveness Webinar

On Tuesday, November 28th 2023 we hosted a free Webinar on Improving Internal Audit Effectiveness with John Collins from 3-4pm GMT.

John has 25+ years experience working in Quality Management Systems including 15 years as an Auditor & Instructor, most notably within the Medical Device Industry. On a weekly basis, he is either auditing or helping people learn how to Audit effectively on our IRCA Certified Internal/Lead Auditor Training (based on ISO 9001 or ISO 13485).

This Webinar discussed key topics including:

👉 Internal Auditing Requirements
👉 Planning for Internal Audits (Program & Plan)
👉 Communication
👉 Auditor Competency
👉 Auditor Behaviour
👉 Q&A

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John has 25+ years’ experience as a Quality Professional, including 15 years as a Lead Auditor & Instructor on CQI & IRCA Accredited Auditor Training Programs.

He joins us from BSI but during his career, he has worked as an Auditor, Consultant & Instructor with all sizes and forms of organizations across a broad range of industries, including extensive experience in the Life Sciences Industry.

John brings his own unique blend of knowledge & experience, energetic personality and passion for Training to every classroom.

CQI & IRCA Accredited Training Provider

CQI & IRCA Accredited Training Provider

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Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider

Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider

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